Attorney for CPS Expungements

Looking for help with CPS expungements in Suffolk County, New York? Elsie Acevedo has years of experience working with people on Long Island and helping them with their legal matters. When it comes to Child Protective Service records of child abuse and neglect, those records are kept with the New York State Office of Children and Family Services. Obviously, these reports and records can have a serious impact on your family and your future. So that is why New York allows parents and people charged with child abuse and neglect to challenge these CPS records and ask for their expungement or removal.


How To Expunge a CPS Case

For unfounded CPS reports expungements are possible. However, there are legal actions that need to take place, which is why it is important to turn to a lawyer who can handle these sorts of CPS expungements and removal. The subject of the case is allowed the chance to prove the findings wrong with clear and convincing evidence. This evidence is always written out and needs to provide a firm belief that the nature of the allegation of child abuse or neglect is untrue or in questions.

To expunge the CPS records, this evidence will prove that the allegations are baseless and the unfounded report will be removed from the records.

You can also have your CPS case expunged if there is a violation in the reporting of the claim. So, if the person who reported child abuse or neglect to Child Protective Services made a false statement and is convicted of it, then the case will also be expunged.



Why You Need a Lawyer for CPS Expungements

Having a Child Protective Services case against you is awful and can lead to some devastating consequences. Some of the more notable issues that arise from a CPS case is that it can destroy your relationship with your children, it can be used against you in a custody battle, it will prohibit your from working with children. And if you work with children already, it may simply end your career. You should always challenge a CPS report (within reason) so it doesn’t hurt your future. The sooner you get in touch with our Suffolk County law firm, the sooner we can begin working on your CPS expungement.

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How Our Law Office Can Help

As a CPS defense lawyer on Long Island, we will be your advocate and help protect your rights when dealing with the opposition, which can be the other attorney, Child Protective Services and whoever else is on the case. When we work with you, our aim is to avoid an indicated finding and help to determine that there is no credible evidence to support a finding of abuse or neglect.

However, if an indicated finding has been made, then we will work to help clear your name. We do this by filing a written objection and representing you at a hearing before a judge. All working to overturn these findings.

Our law firm takes pride in working with our clients and goes above and beyond the expected parameters all in an effort to help win your case. And due to our years of experience working with CPS expungements, we know how difficult this process can be and how taxing it is on everyone involved. So, we do our best to keep you fully informed on the status of the case and will work with you throughout the entire process.

So please, do not hesitate to reach out today to learn more about our legal services. We offer many services when it comes to family law. From divorce to child support, to custody battles, our law firm can be there for you!