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FAQs When You Need a Divorce Attorney

One way of helping those looking for a divorce attorney in Suffolk County is to provide people with answers to frequently asked questions. We know sometimes it can be hard to decipher the playing field and find smart advice when you are getting a divorce. Our FAQs are meant to help answer some of those tricky questions.


When are divorce papers served?

When serving “divorce papers,” those documents are typically entitled Summons with Notice or Summons and Verified Complaint. In general, the defendant has about twenty to thirty days to serve a formal response to the divorce papers. The response varies, since it depends on the exact manner of service. However, a failure to respond to these papers before the stated deadline may result in a default judgement against the defendant. So do not let these papers linger if you have been served, otherwise you risk simply losing the case on that merit.

When is a divorce started?

Once the divorce papers get to the County Clerk’s Office for filing is officially when a divorce starts. This start is commonly known as the “date of commencement.” This date is important when determining which assets are part of the divorce proceeding and which are not. Crucial for any negotiations.

Why divorce over separation?

Many people ask why get a divorce when we can simply separate? Well, there are a few important reasons to officially make the split and different tax implications. When you divorce, you can file your income tax return as “individual.” However, if simply separated, you can’t since you are still legally married. So this causes a problem for income tax rates and how much or how little one gets back. And it can hurt your income tax deductions, too. So for legal and tax purposes, getting a divorce is the right thing to do instead of staying separated.

When divorce mediation fails?

When you opt for divorce mediation, the mediator does not represent either party. This is often the first step in a divorce as to avoid any legal actions. However, if an agreement is not met, then there are other ways of proceeding with the divorce. The first being that either person can start an action for the divorce. And the second being that each person can retain their attorney and attempt to resolve the divorce outside of the Court with the help of said law attorneys.


Can you serve divorce papers at work?

Yes, when serving your spouse for a divorce, you can do so at their workplace.

Can you serve divorce papers by email?

In most cases, no, you cannot serve divorce papers by email. They must be personally served. However, under certain circumstances, you can serve via email if you apply to the court and request it. This action only works when other methods of serving are not possible.

Can a divorce force the sale of a house?

Yes, under certain circumstances the Court can direct the sale of a house in the event that the house is marital property. However, there are certain restrictions on the timing of the sale in these cases. And the first consideration is simply to determine the classification of the house. What this means is if the house is marital property or a simply a separate property.

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