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Trusted Lawyer for Divorce in Suffolk County

When someone is going through a divorce, they are coping with a wide range of emotions. And on top of that might have legal considerations to think about, which makes it crucial to find an experienced divorce lawyer on Long Island who can take your concerns and apply them to the legal system. At the law office of Ms. Elsie Acevedo, we can help guide you through the divorce process and achieve the outcome you deserve.

Recognizing that your marriage has come to an end and is moving towards a divorce is a difficult pill to swallow. Especially if there are children involved. But being proactive and enlisting a divorce attorney on Long Island that you can trust and understands the emotional toll of a divorce can go a long way in getting the outcome that you want. Our law office understands the need for financial support for you and your potential children, for keeping and maintaining the marital home, and for protecting your assets during the process. All while alleviating your stress.


How is a Divorce Started?

A divorce typically starts by filing a document called a “summons and verified complaint” with the court. This document has some basic information on it, including the following:

  • date of marriage
  • place of marriage
  • parties’ names and addresses
  • names and dates of births for children
  • whether ceremony was civil or religious
  • health insurance information
  • your “ground” for divorce
  • what relief you are looking to get the court to grant, like child custody

This document must then be personally served upon the other spouse in order to go on with the divorce proceedings. In most cases, the other spouse then needs to respond to it in the form of a document referred to as a “Verified Answer.”


How Long Does a Divorce Case Take in New York?

Of course, this is not really a question that has one all-encompassing answer and it depends on the specific circumstances of each case. But generally speaking, if you and your spouse successfully negotiate a settlement or resolution of all issues involved in the divorce, then the process will go much quicker than if you went to a trial to determine the outcome. If you and your spouse are not able to reach a settlement, then the amount of time it takes to get your case ready for further settlement negotiations or trial can range anywhere from a few months to a year or even longer. All of these time frames depend on the complexity of your case. Our law office handles each of these divorce cases with the utmost importance and will work tirelessly to get this done as quickly as possible as to alleviate the stress of everyone involved.

Elsie Acevedo Can Walk You Through The Divorce Process

Obtaining a divorce in the state of New York is a complex process, just like any other of the family matters our law office handles. Ms. Acevedo has years of experience as a dedicated divorce lawyer on Long Island and can provide you the legal representation you are looking for. We will address all of your concerns regarding the divorce, including the children of the marriage, your finances and your future.

For more information about our legal services, please reach out to us today. Our law office will go over the parameters of your case and help you achieve the end result you are looking for in the case.


We understand how difficult the divorce process is and the stress it puts on someone. Our office will do everything in our power to ably handle this situation in a timely manner. Located in Center Moriches, New York, our law office works with clients across Suffolk County, Long Island. If you are looking for a divorce lawyer on Long Island you can trust, put your faith in Elsie Acevedo, Attorney at Law.