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Elsie Acevedo Attorney at Law is proud to offer professional legal advice when it comes to estate planning for clients who live across Suffolk County, Long Island in New York. Estate planning is a crucial aspect for anybody. It is often thought of as something for rich people with large homes and a lot of properties, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. In fact, anybody can and should have an estate plan for their passing. This way there are less complications for the heirs and their inheritance.

At our Long Island law office, we provide expert legal advice to help with estate planning and all that comes with it. It can be a tricky aspect to manage, which is why we are proud of helping our community when it comes to this and other legal counsel.


What Is Estate Planning?

Let’s go over what exactly estate planning is and how it works. It is broader than its counterpart, the will. An estate plan holds multiple legal documents, which will include the will. On top of including a will, an estate plan can include powers of attorney, trusts, and directives. Effective estate plans are flexible and can offer durable power of attorney for any finances, as well as healthcare power of attorney in case medical decisions need to be made due to incapacitation. On top of that, effective estate plans will pinpoint distribution of assets after death.

But there is no one way to have an estate plan. It can be as broad or narrow as you want. For more complicated estates, you may see more complex wills and trusts. Hoping to ensure a smooth transition for the passing of assets. However, they can be pretty simple too. You may even want to donate aspects to charities. Whatever your wish, the estate plan grants.



Estate Planning Tips

Work With an Expert (Like Ms Acevedo!)

One quick tip to help with estate planning is to work with an expert, like with the law office at Elsie Acevedo. This is often a complex legal process. So you want to make sure that everything is in order. We will help you get everything down on paper and into a legal plan.

Be Specific with Asset Handout

Another tip is to doll out assets both specifically and realistically. You can’t to be specific, because leaving grey areas leads to confusion. And that confusion may lead to eventual legal action. Something you are trying to avoid by planning it out in the first place. And second, you want to be realistic with how you handle the passing of the assets. This is a big decision, so thinking it through is important. And being realistic about who gets what is important and helps the process as a whole.

Review Estate Plans Periodically

Lastly, once you have the estate plan in place, we recommend periodically reviewing it. Circumstances change, so quickly updating the document can change too. And when you see something you’d like to change, edit it. An updated estate plan ensures that everything is in perfect order.


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Many people get scared away thinking this is a huge burden and hurdle, but not having an estate plan leads to much more complication. But the Elsie Acevedo Attorney at Law is here to help those across Suffolk County, Long Island with their estate planning questions! Getting all of your ducks in a row and down in the form of an estate plan is a big step for future planning.

For more information about our legal services, please give us a call. The number for our office is 631-878-3280. When you call, we can provide you with free, no-obligation consultation to go over any legal issues you may have at the moment. On top of the estate planning help we provide, we also offer legal advice for trusts, wills and probates and how to write a will. So you can cover all of your bases when you turn to our law office!