Elsie Acevedo: A Long Island Family Lawyer

The law office of Elsie Acevedo handles many different legal issues for clients across Long Island, New York, including being a trusted family lawyer. There are a few different reasons why you may need to turn to a family lawyer. These reasons range from adoption, custody, wills, estate planning, marriage and divorce. Read more in-depth about these reasons below. If you believe you need a family lawyer in Suffolk County, Long Island, then please give our office a call. The number the dial is (631) 878-3280. When you call, we can provide you with a free, no-obligation consultation to go over the details of your situation. We want to help you in any legal way we can!



Adoption is a major step for any family and there are more legal issues that arise from it than necessary. Our law firm is here to help with the legal process of adoption and make sure it goes smoothly. Oftentimes there are delays, but when you have a family lawyer on your side, they can navigate the terrain for you and get the adoption done as quickly as possible. And many times there are court hearings to settle differences. Trusting a family lawyer to represent you in court ensures you are being seen in the best light possible.

Custody of Children

The custody of a child is often a difficult process and unfortunately can get pretty messy. And it often coincides with a divorce, which only worsens the situation. So it is important to have a family lawyer that you can trust, since the custody of the child is at stake. If there are any issues during the battle, our law firm can help. We have years of experience with this issue and do all we can to make sure it is resolved as quickly as possible.

When a child custody suit occurs, the state and/or court requires you to prove that you can support the child and secure the child’s future. Failure to do so will result in a lost case. A family lawyer like Ms. Acevedo will take you through the step-by-step procedure to help you get full custody of your child.

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Who Gets Guardianship

Our law firm is well aware of the stakes when it comes to guardianship and what that entails for you and your family. Having to choose a guardian for a family member can be a long and arduous process. And without the aid of a family lawyer, you are liable to get lost in the weeds. There is a lot a paperwork and legal action during determining who gets guardianship. Make sure everything is done in accordance with the law by hiring Elsie Acevedo, attorney at law.

Getting a Divorce

There are often a lot of loose ends when getting a divorce and there are many laws that revolve around the divorce process. From making decisions about your assets to child support, a family lawyer can help you unravel it all. Make sure you are protected and get what you deserve by hiring a divorce lawyer you can trust. Learn more about why you may need a divorce lawyer and how our law firm can help. Also, these frequently asked questions can help, too. A family lawyer will communicate your demands and negotiate the terms on your behalf, so you can stay away from what is likely an emotional decision and state of mind.




Family law is often skewing on the negative side, such as battles of custody and divorces. However, it is not all doom and gloom. A family lawyer can also help you prepare for marriage. We can guide you through the legal requirements for marriage and how it will impact you and your spouse.

A marriage lawyer can also help prepare a prenup agreement before the marriage. If you and your spouse are bringing any pre-owned assets into the marriage, then it may be wise to draft up a prenup agreement. A prenup essentially decides how to divide up the wealth in case there is a divorce or death. Getting this sorted early stops headaches down the road. Protect your assets and secure your future with a family lawyer.


Drafting Estate Plan and Wills

Wills and estate plans are something that you can always revise. What they do is ensure that your assets are protected when someone passes away or if someone is unable to make their own decisions. Oftentimes these issues are left until the last minute when a tragedy occurs. But by having it complete beforehand, you do not have to worry about sorting anything out.

In a nutshell, a will describes how the assets in questions will be divided up among all of the dependents. An estate plan is simply a more elaborate version of a will and describes the management and ownership of all assets in questions. What an estate plan does best is protects the heirs from liabilities and legal issues that may arise over the transfer of ownership.

Both an estate plan and will are important to have for every family. Preparing them can be a difficult process, as some tough answers may be made. And oftentimes people do not even know where to start. Well, you can start by getting in touch with Elsie Acevedo, who has years of experience as a family lawyer on Long Island and can help you get your ducks in a row. She will advise you on how to best prepare these documents and validate them when necessary.

Suffolk County Family Lawyer You Can Trust

Legal issues regarding your family are often very difficult to deal with, but our law office can put you in touch with a lawyer you can trust. Some of the common legal issues we cover includes divorces, custody battles, child support, adoption process, and the neglect and abuse of children. Our law office is located in Center Moriches, New York, and many across Suffolk County, Long Island turn to our law office to help fight your legal battle.

So please, if you need a family lawyer on Long Island, do not hesitate to give us a call. The number to dial is 631-878-3280. When you call, we can provide you with a consultation to go over the legal issues you are dealing with. Get representation you can trust when you turn to Ms Acevedo!