Elsie Acevedo Attorney at Law: Years of Experience in Family Law

There are just times where you need a family lawyer and the law office of Elsie Acevedo is proud to offer legal support to clients throughout Suffolk County, Long Island. Some of the more common areas where a family lawyer is needed regarding divorces, divorce mediation or separation, custody and child support, adoption, and child abuse. Our law office is here for you every step of the way.



Questions to Ask a Family Lawyer

Every divorce is a painful process. No matter how mutual it is. Each spouse is dealing with the emotional impact of the end of their marriage. And with this emotion they tend to overlook or rush aspects when deciding long-term considerations, like finances, property and any parenting arrangements. But that is where a family lawyer, such as Ms Acevedo, comes in to help those across Suffolk County, Long Island deal with their divorce properly. She can help you handle these big decisions and protect any interests in court and the various settlement negotiations.

Divorce, especially when not handled correctly, can result in some serious consequences for both the spouses and their children. And the financial problems that come from it can have a long-lasting impact. All of these issues about how to handle the money get determined in the divorce proceedings. But since these divorces have such a high emotional impact, it may be difficult to keep everything in order. So be prepared by turning to a trusted family lawyer, like Ms Acevedo. She can help you make the best decisions for your future.

Asking the right questions to Ms Acevedo can move the process along more quickly. With these questions, she can better understand how she needs to prepare for the upcoming case. Let’s take a look at some of the best questions to ask.



Do You Specialize in Family Law?

You want to make sure the family lawyer actually practices in that area. So you want to make sure this prospective lawyer handles family law on a regular occasion. Family law encompasses a lot and Ms Acevedo can expertly handle an assortment of family law issues and spends a majority of her time in this area.

Will You Be Personally Handling My Case?

For any family law case, it is a personal matter. So you want to make sure you are comfortable with whoever is representing you and handling your case. A good relationship with your lawyer is important when it comes to family law, since so much of it deals with personal details. Ms Acevedo is proud about building strong relationships with her clients to help them through these difficult times and getting the best outcomes possible as a result. She is the only person at the law office to handle cases, so you will get one-on-one consultations with her.

How Do You Approach Child Custody Disputes?

There is nothing more emotional than a dispute over the custody of a child. So you want to make sure the lawyer you hire to help with this case will advocate for you and your child’s best interests. But you also want to make sure there is a level of compassion and sensitivity when it comes to these cases, because after all there are children involved. Ms Acevedo has been handling cases revolving around the custody of a child and you can trust her to handle this situation with a high level of professionalism.


What Is Your Evaluation of My Case?

When it comes to the handling of your case, it is important to listen to what the family lawyer has to say. Ms Acevedo has years of experience in this field and she will lay out how your case can be successful and how it may not be. When you hear the answer is when you ultimately decide on whether or not this is something you’d like to pursue.

How Will We Communicate?

So often you hear stories about how someone hired a lawyer and they never got any regular communication with them or doing so was a big ordeal. Not at the law office of Elsie Acevedo. She will be in touch with you regularly and give updates when needed. Too often the client can be left in limbo and then think, what am I doing here? When you turn to Ms Acevedo, she will establish a protocol with you about how to effectively communicate. Get the best legal advice and family lawyer in Suffolk County when you turn to Elsie Acevedo, attorney at law.