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We Can Assist With Guardianship Applications in New York

As an experienced guardianship attorney on Long Island, New York, we can determine the type of guardianship that is most appropriate for your situation and go through the application process to finalize your guardianship application. We can also assist with representing a guardian’s interests in court and other related matters. Here are some FAQs regarding guardianship.

What is a Guardian?

A guardian is typically a family member or a close friend who is appointed by the court who makes decisions for a loved one regarding health care, personal matters, and financial decisions. A guardian may collect and invest the assets of the person requiring a guardianship and assist the individual with paying bills, living arrangements and medical treatment. Becoming the guardian of someone is a major life decision and a serious responsibility.

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What are the Responsibilities of a Guardian?

Here are some of the common responsibilities of a guardian:

  • Managing assets, debts and making impactful financial decisions.
  • Consults with the individual in need of a guardian on medical decisions.
  • Manage the daily routines and living arrangements, which includes assisting the individual with participation in community life.
  • Ensure an appropriate education if the child is in school.
  • Assist with public benefits advocacy.
  • Draft a letter of intent if the person in need of a guardian is a child with special needs, which includes preferences, health needs, and any daily habits.

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Does Everyone Need a Guardian?

Some people who might otherwise need a guardian can be served in a less restrictive way, which includes the following:

  • trusts
  • personal caregivers
  • powers of attorney
  • advance medical directives or healthcare proxies
    representative payees

When you turn to Ms. Acevedo, she can assist you with the proper steps of becoming a guardian and covering all that entails. Our law office can help you determine how best to help your loved one manage their life.

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Do I Need a Guardianship Attorney?

If you are seeking to be appointed as a guardian, if is beneficial to consult with a knowledgeable family lawyer, such as Ms. Acevedo. On top of that, you may want to consider hiring a child custody lawyer, which is also an aspect Ms. Acevedo can handle. As an experienced family lawyer, we can help determine the best path forward when considering all of your legal issues. When you turn to Ms. Acevedo, we can ensure that the aforementioned legal process goes as smoothly as possible. And as an experienced local guardianship attorney on Long Island, we can represent you in court if needed. So if you are in need of a guardianship attorney, please reach out to us today.

Contact Ms. Acevedo

Many families on Long Island have a loved one with an intellectual or developmental disability or a loved one that at some point becomes unable to make his or her own personal and financial decisions. In these instances, appointing a guardianship attorney is highly recommended. When you turn to the law office of Ms. Acevedo, we can help to determine what type of guardianship is most appropriate. Our law office can also help file the guardianship petition, explain the duties of the guardian, and assist the guardian with annual accounting required by the court. We can also help with representing a guardian’s interests in court and other related matters, such as filing a petition to expand the guardian’s powers or protecting the assets so the individual needing a guardian can maintain eligibility for government benefits.