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Long Island Law Office For Real Estate Matters

The law office of Elsie Acevedo handles real estate matters, such as commercial purchases and sales, home sales, lease agreements, and more. Get a legal hand on your side for any real estate matters you may be experiencing. Located in Center Moriches, New York, many people in Suffolk County, Long Island turn to our law office for trusted legal advice. If you or someone you know needs legal counsel, then please reach out today.

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Reasons for Obtaining a Real Estate Lawyer

Below we will get into the drafting and reviewing of a purchase contract, which sometimes includes a real estate lawyer. However, there are reasons outside of the standard practices of buying and selling a home where a real estate lawyer may be needed. Here are some reasons why you may need a real estate lawyer on Long Island.

  • You are buying a home in another state.
  • You are buying or selling property that has major issues, such as structural damage in need of repairs.
  • The home you are selling is a central part of the divorce settlement. Our law office handles divorces in general!
  • The home you are buying is part of a special type of sale, such as an estate sale, short sale, auction, or purchase from a bank.
  • You have major financial issues and are looking to sell a property that has liens on it.
  • You are in charge of an estate and are selling a home that was owned by a family member.

These are just a few common examples of someone who needs a real estate attorney on their side. We effectively handle all sorts of real estate matters and help clients across Long Island get the end results they need!

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For Purchase Contracts Drafts & Reviews

Usually when it comes to purchasing contracts, that is left to the real estate agent. A purchase contract is the most important document during the home buying process. So it being 100% right is crucial. A purchase contract has some important issues that need to be correct, such as the timing, the inspection and the title.

The timing is for effectively closing on the property, which could at some point be delayed. But having an accurate timeline means a lot. For the inspection, it uncovers potential issues with the home. Which means the seller and buyer may end up negotiating on who will pay for those repairs. For these instances, a lot of money and time is at stake when it comes to the home inspection. Lastly, the title, which might turn up a lien on the property in question. When this happens, turning to a lawyer is wise since it may help ensure that the title insurance on the new home adequately protects you from any potential issues in the future.


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Complex Purchases

For a more complex purchase contracts, it may be wise to turn to a lawyer. In many cases, a real estate agent simply uses a template to help speed up the process. So a more complex purchase contract might require a more nuanced look at the contract. And the terms may need to be specified more clearly. And there are instances where people turn to a lawyer for a review of the final terms of the purchase contract. Whatever the reason, you may need a real estate lawyer for a home purchase contract on Long Island.

For the Closing on a Home Sale or Purchase

The closing on a home sale or purchase involves a lot of paperwork and legal documents to review. It is wise to leave this review to a legal team that understands real estate law. Ms. Elsie Acevedo has years of experience working as a lawyer on Long Island and will make sure that all the paperwork is in order. It can be intimidating to go through all the documents of a home purchasing contract, but when you have the legal counsel of Elsie Acevedo there are no worries! We will go over the terms of the home purchase contract with you to make sure you understand all of the elements. And speed up the closing process while doing so.