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Elsie Acevedo: Trusted Wills & Estates Attorney on Long Island

Get comprehensive legal will writing when you turn to Elsie Acevedo Attorney at Law. Our law office helps clients across Suffolk County, Long Island write their wills. Wills are an important aspect to square away legally. Because it is terrible when someone unexpectedly passes and these issues are not handled. Which often leads to legal action. Or the assets ending up with the wrong people. Either way, avoid those headaches by having a legal expert help with the will writing and get everything handled properly. For more information about our legal services, please contact our law office today.

When you get in touch with us, we can provide you with a no-obligation consultation to go over whatever legal issue that is arising. We handle wills, estates, guardianships, probates and more when it comes to the details of a will, as well as other legal services for clients across Suffolk County, Long Island, New York.

What Is a Will?

In a nutshell, a will is simply a legal document that thoroughly details how someone wants their assets to be distributed after death. It can also handle laying out any wishes through powers of attorney and directives on how any children will be cared for after death. Wills can also name an executor, which is the person who will be in charge of carrying out the actions laid out in the will.

As a will writing attorney, we can help lay the groundwork for the will. It can be a difficult aspect to navigate, so having a professional on hand will ensure that nothing is missed. Ms. Acevedo will help to clearly define all terms, making sure there are no grey areas.

When families do not have a will, only trouble ensues. Without a will, the heirs will likely spend a lot of time, money and effort into figuring out how to divide up the assets. And oftentimes this is through an estate court system. And more likely than not, when someone passes without a will on hand, then the dividing can be done arbitrarily. So assets may go into the wrong hands and places. Avoid your loved ones that headache by having our law office help with the will writing and leave no stone un-turned.

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Will Writing Steps

Here are a few simple steps to follow when writing a will. Of course, there needs to be more detail and having a professional review the will is highly recommended.

  • Select all beneficiaries.
  • Choose who will be the executor for the will.
  • Pick a guardian for kids.
  • Be specific about who will get what.
  • Also, be realistic about who will get what.
  • Attach a letter to the will.
  • Properly sign the will.
  • Find a trustworthy and safe place to keep will.
  • Periodically review and update the will.

When you turn to Elsie Acevedo, attorney at law, you will get getting professional legal advice for a wide range of issues, including how to write a will. There are legal ramifications for doing this incorrectly, so be sure you get it done right! Ms. Acevedo has years of experience as a wills and estates attorney on Long Island, New York and brings that experience to every case she represents. Learn more about some tips when writing your will.

Executing Your Will

In order for the will to be legally binding you must sign your Last Will and Testament. Depending on state law, your signature must take place in the presence of two witnesses that are not beneficiaries of the estate. Once the will is complete, copies of it should be delivered to the executor, any guardians, all beneficiaries and any relevant legal counsel. Also, you will want to file your own copy in a safe place of your choosing.